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Note: The continued development of Stealth has been suspended (still located on GitHub). The majority of interest in the product has moved from the Flash Platform to other technologies. Further development of the StealthSDK may resume in the future, but will be more limited in scope. If you feel strongly that there is still sufficient need for components in Flash, please contact the developer to express your thoughts.

Stealth Gots Game

Stealth was born for mobile apps & game development. Close to the metal, Stealth builds on the native strengths of the Flash Player. It’s performance-tuned and graphics-focused. Oh, and way easy to use.

Workflow Wonderland

Stealth breaks the barriers between the Flash and Flex workflows. Intermingle MXML views, Flash Pro components, and pure ActionScript with Stealth and turn your work into play.

You’re the Architect

Stealth breaks down the elements of design, layout, and interactivity into fundamental building blocks that you can craft into beautifully custom user interfaces with ease.